The History of Macintosh: from Mac OS 7 to Mac Os 10

Apple Inc. developed the family of Macintosh operating system, the series of Unix-based graphical operating systems. Designed to run on Apple’s Macs computers, it is the 2nd most used desktop OS after Microsoft Windows. Below is the history of the Macintosh’s family.
  • Mac OS 7: Apple Computer introduced a single-user graphical user interface-based operating system, code named Mac OS 7 for Macintosh computers in 1991. As part of the classic Mac OS line of operating systems, Mac OS 7 was the principal Macintosh. It allowed virtual memory, QuickTime, QuickDraw 3D, an upgraded user interface, and more.

  • Mac OS 8: It was released by Apple Computer in 1997, representing the largest modernize of the classic Mac OS 7. As one of Apple’s most unbeaten software releases, it integrated various technologies built up for an Apple Operating System called Copland. It was on Apple’s project to design an upgraded version of the classic Mac OS.
  • Mac OS 9: Introduced in 1999 and labeled as "The Best Internet Operating System Ever”, it is the final primary release of Apple's classic Mac OS operating system.
  • Mac OS X (ten): This most recent in the history of Macintosh operating systems’ family was launched in 2001 to replace the “classic” Mac OS. The initial version of the system, Mac OS X server 1.0. was launched in 1999.  In 2012, the original name was changed to OS X, and in 2016 MacOS with this most recent version is Mac OS 10.12 Sierra.
In current years based on the root of Mac OS, Apple has also introduced some new operating systems. These comprising iOS for its iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad mobile devices in 2007; watchOS for the Apple Watch, and tvOS for the Apple TV set-top box in 2015.

Indonesian Version: Sejarah Macintosh: dari Mac OS 7 sampai Mac Os 10

The History of Macintosh: from Mac OS 7 to Mac Os 10
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