Everything You Need to Know about Virtual Credit Card

                                               ~for Verifying Your PayPal Account~

A VCC or Virtual Credit Card is a non-physical prepaid card. You can use Virtual Credit Card as an alternative way for your payment transactions on the net. As you know, since many clients do not accept debit cards to make payment transactions on the net, we need a credit card.

Virtual Credit Card in brief
Bellow, you can find a brief review, explaining what you need to know about VCC (Virtual Credit Card):
● VCC is non-physical card
● You have full security protection
● You can add and withdraw balance
Virtual Credit Card is acceptable worldwide
● You can use it to buy domain shop online, hosting, and also to your PayPal account’s verification, with a free VCC account.

When you are unable to have a credit card of your own or if you do not want to use your cards, VCC comes in handy to help you verify your PayPal Account.

Virtual Credit Card for Verifying Your PayPal Account
Following is the example of the free VCC providers to your PayPal account’s verification. You can create your prepaid card free of charge with the VCC providers.
Besides being used by bloggers for buying hosting and domains, EntroPay is also largely accessed to make VCC to verify PayPal accounts.

The credit card of this free VCC provider can be used for verifying your PayPal account.

Auction Assistance
With this Virtual Credit Card, you can instantly verify your PayPal Account in minutes without waiting 2-3 Days.

To add your Virtual Credit Card is easy. Firstly, all you need to do is log into your PayPal account, go to your profile, and then click update credit card. So far, we can say that PayPal account verification with Virtual Credit Card is an alternative way for convenient transactions when you are unable to have a credit card of your own.

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