The Functions of a Meta Description

When it comes to understanding meta descriptions, firstly you have to understand its definition. Meta description is a tag that helps search engines and describes the contents of web pages. Simply by right clicking on any web page and choosing “view page source”, you can find the meta description on your computer screen. Optimizing the meta description is a very crucial aspect 0f your way to SEO success.

Why is Meta Description Important?
  • The click-through rate of your organic search results can be increased by a crucial meta description. It means more traffic for your site, since more searchers who find your page in the search results will land on your site. 
  • So, the meta description’s function of your page is simple: to get the searcher from Google to click your link. We can say that meta descriptions are at that point, to create clickthroughs from search engines.
  • The meta description will then show up in the search results under your page’s URL, known as a snippet. When people share your articles over other sites and social channels, it will also commonly emerge.

What Makes a Meta Description Powerful?

Below is the best practice of producing and writing meta descriptions for SEO success. It should:
●    be around 135 to 160 characters.
●    be in an active voice
●    include a CTA (Call to Action)
●    contain structured content and focus keyword
●    match the content
●    be a legible and readable copy
●    be unique

So, try to make a truly powerful meta description. Don’t forget it is very crucial for your SEO success, since meta description tags can actually help with your search engine optimization efforts. Take time to write some appealing sentences, and the right people will find the right information from you.
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The  Functions of a Meta Description

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