Calm the mind at Kuala Merisi beach, Indonesian Tourism

You are looking for a beach with a quiet atmosphere and away from the crowds, then come to Kuala Merisi. You can enjoy the beach as if you were on a private island. On the coast of Kuala Merisi you will find a quiet atmosphere. If you visit Kuala Merisi beach is not on vacation then you really feel the peace of seeing the sand and beauty of God's other creations around

Kuala Merisi tourist spot is located in Ketapang Village Krueng Sabee District. The beach with its Long line gives us the freedom to play, swim and feel the freshness of the clear water with the small waves crashing through the body.

With a mat you can sit and relax with your family while enjoying the waves and beach breeze. This tourist spot is also used as a place to surf by tourists who want to surf.
Once satisfied with enjoying the natural beauty, swimming and playing with your family, you can clean the body of sand attached and salt water in the body in place that has been provided. In addition you can enjoy typical snacks of Aceh that exist around the coast of Kuala Merisi. Please feel the unique culinary delight of Aceh.

Let's plan your holiday to Kuala Merisi Beach, you who want a quiet atmosphere perfectly suits this place. Indonesia is very beautiful with its nature.

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Calm the mind at Kuala Merisi beach, Indonesian Tourism
Kuala Merisi beach
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