Indonesian Tourism: Baiturrahman Great Mosque of Aceh

You who want to plan a vacation abroad should go to Indonesia. Indonesia consists of a beautiful stretch of islands, historical sites such as ancient relics and religious places of worship. Island tours will provide beautiful natural scenery, crystal clear water and beautiful fish.

Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia. This place holds a lot of beauty ranging from religious tourism to natural attractions such as the sea, waterfalls, and views of the hills.

Let's come and travel in Aceh. On this occasion I will give an overview of the beauty of Baiturahman Mosque, this building was founded by Sultan Iskandar Muda in 1612, is a place of worship of Muslims who became the icon of Aceh. The building of this mosque is white with a large black roof. Around this mosque there are seven towers. The architecture of this building looks very magnificent with a blend of buildings and towers. Impressive impression increasingly seen with the large pool and shower in front of the mosque. This immediately reminds us of a magnificent building in India that is Taj Mahal.

Baiturahman Aceh Mosque is entered into the list of 100 most beautiful mosques in the world version of Huffington Post. This site puts this mosque because of the beauty contained in this mosque building. In addition Yahoo also places the Baiturrahman Mosque as the 10 most beautiful mosques in the world

Around the mosque there are also traders who provide a variety of souvenirs, in addition you can also taste typical Aceh food there

You who want to visit Indonesia, Aceh is one of the very right choice to accompany your vacation

Let's travel to Indonesia with a very soothing tropical climate.

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Indonesia Tourism: Baiturrahman Great Mosque of Aceh
Baiturrahman Great Mosque of Aceh
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