Indonesian tourism: Enjoy the white sand of Lampuuk Aceh beach

You want to enjoy the beach atmosphere in Aceh? then come and pay a visit to Lampuuk beach located in Aceh. You can enjoy the beauty of the beach with a beautiful stretch of white sand coupled with clean and refreshing sea water. You can bathe there, play sand and sunbathe all day. In addition you can also surf as much. This beautiful beach atmosphere is very dear if missed.

Lampuuk beach stretches for 5 kilometers stretching from north to south with soft white sand and cliffs at the edge of the beach. On this beach you can see turtle breeding and conservation. You can participate in releasing turtle children into the ocean. In addition to vacation you can also preserve nature in the world. Turtles are animals covered so they must be preserved, they will be extinct if there is no preservation. To keep the turtle still exist and keep growing then the government to preserve in Lampuuk beach.

For those of you who want to enjoy Lampuuk beach for a few days, you can rent lodging in this beach area. Lampuuk Beach also provides food menu such as grilled fish available at stalls around the beach, so do not worry about food if you visit Lampuuk beach. Let's take a vacation to Indonesia, Indonesia is not only Bali but there are still many beautiful and amazing tourist attractions.

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Indonesian tourism: Enjoy the white sand of Lampuuk Aceh beach
Lampuuk beach
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