Indonesian Tourism: Suhom Falls in Aceh is very charming

Aceh has a lot of Waterfalls, ranging from untapped into a tourist attraction until it has been tilled with good facilities. One of them is Suhom Waterfall, this tourist spot is very beautiful with waterfalls and rushing river currents.
Suhom waterfall is located in the village of Suhom Lhoong sub-district, Aceh Besar. Arena trip there there is climbing and there are derivatives. The streets up and down will accompany you to get to the location of this waterfall with views of the mountains of Paro and Kulu. Along the way you will also meet the hordes of monkeys, this monkey usually ask for fruits and snacks for passers-by.

The 50 meter tall water is divided into three levels, but you are not allowed to go to the second and third levels because there is high power, this is also for your safety.

The view of the waterfall and its surroundings is amazing, you can swim in the lake under the waterfall. For children there is also a pool for children so the security of each child is also guaranteed. If you do not want to play the air, then you can wait that has been provided. You can relax there sauce enjoy the food sold around the waterfall attractions.

Do not rely on this tourist spot. You who have been far away from your country come to Indonesia will lose if not visit this Suhom Waterfall. So prepare your holiday to be efficient and can be a lot of tourist destinations in Indonesia.

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Indonesian Tourism: Suhom Falls in Aceh is very charming
Suhom Waterfall
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