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See 14 beauty of sea biota of Rubiah Aceh island, Indonesian tourism

You are a hobby of diving while looking at various kinds of marine animals and beautiful sea plants, then come to Rubiah Island. The island of rubiah is a submarine tourist paradise, you can see the beauty of 14 marine biota with a beautiful atmosphere and with clear water conditions. You can take photos under water Together with other fish and sea plants so that memorable moment can be immortalized perfectly.
Rubiah Island is located in Sabang, precisely to the northwest of Weh Island. The origin of Rubiah's name is from a tombstone that reads Rubiah on the island. Thus people are accustomed to calling the island as the island of Rubiah.

You who plan to dive can prepare your own equipment or rent it at tourist sites Rubiah island. You will feel at home for a long time because the natural treats are very fascinating. You can play with the fish and you can also do scientific research there related to marine biota. For those of you who rent diving equipment do not be afraid enough you just pay once you can use the equipment all day (rental duration can change at any time)

On the island of Rubiah there are at least 14 of the 15 marine biota protected in Indonesia, you dive in the island Rubiah must still maintain the preservation of marine biota, you are prohibited to catch protected fish and damage the existing plants on the island.

Let's wait what else, please plan your vacation in Indonesia. Indonesia that keeps thousands of beautiful and beautiful beauty.

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See 14 beauty of sea biota of Rubiah Aceh island, Indonesian tourism
Rubiah Beach
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