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Tourism Indonesia: enjoy the beauty of waterfall Blang Kolam in Aceh

Indonesia is very rich in nature tourism. The place to visit when you are in Indonesia is Blang Kolam waterfall Aceh. This waterfall is located in the village of Sidomulyo Aceh Utara. If you start the journey from Lhokseumawe then you need 30 minutes to this sights.

You can enjoy the natural beauty with views of twin waterfalls as high as 75 meters. This waterfall is released by the view of the trees are lush.

You will get a very relaxed atmosphere with the sound of a cool waterfall. You can also bathe there as much or just the lease with tired around the pool.

You who have a hobby camping can also channel it with a tent to stay, feel and survive in the open. You can do it with a small group, create a campfire in the camp while playing a simple musical instrument.

Enjoying the beauty of nature in Indonesia is very cheap, no need to spend much money to visit here. For admission enough to pay less than 1 dollar for all facilities ie.

Please see for yourself the beauty of Blang Kolam waterfall. You who come from abroad will feel a different experience that you never met in your country.

Lastly, the tourist attractions in Indonesia are not only Bali, there are many more tourist attractions that offer a variety of beauty, so please make plans for a long vacation in Indonesia.

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Tourism Indonesia: enjoy the beauty of waterfall Blang Kolam in Aceh
Blang Kolam Waterfall
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