Indonesian Tourism: enjoy the sunset at the beach of Lhoknga Aceh

For you tourists from abroad, Indonesia is a world surge located on the equator with tropical climates. Aceh is a province on the island of Sumatra. Aceh has many coastal attractions, one of which is Lhoknga beach.
Lhoknga Beach is a tourist attraction in Aceh which can be reached within 20 kilometers of Banda Aceh. You can relax until sunbathing on the Beach. You also enjoy the atmosphere of shady trees with a very cool air. In addition you can also play beach volleyball, the beach area is wide so it allows you to play various games.

You can swim at this beach Lhoknga, in addition to swimming you can also surf in the sea. Lhoknga Beach has a wave with a height of 1.5-2 meters which is very supportive of this sport.

The beauty of Lhoknga beach will be more beautiful when the day is getting late. You who take a vacation to this beach should spend the time until the afternoon. You can watch the sunset from Lhoknga beach. The dusk light that shines on the beach makes the beach even more beautiful. You can relax with your family while enjoying the roasted corn or.

Let's plan your holiday to Lhoknga beach. Lhoknga Beach with its charm will give a different impression on your vacation on this occasion. So wait let alone please order tickets and take a vacation to Indonesia.

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Indonesian Tourism: enjoy the sunset at the beach of Lhoknga Aceh
Lhoknga beach
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